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CIC stands for Cambodian Information Center. The main purpose for CIC is to provide relevant and informative information about Cambodia and its people. It also acts as a communication medium through its online discussion groups and provides links to most recent and current news and events relating to Cambodia.

CIC is not affiliated with any political or religious entities. As a conscientious organization, however, CIC does promote democratic process and freedom as universal rights and will support those who champion these principles.

CIC was founded in 1995 by a group of engineers in the Silicon Valley, high-tech industry in the United States of America. It is currently managed by a world-wide team of professionals with diversed background and expertise locating in Australia, Cambodia, Canada, France, and the United States.

Original Founders:

  • Earle (George) Goodman
  • Paul Tun
  • Layso Lor
  • Savoueun Koy
  • Houn Nam Ing

Original and/or former Contributors:

  • Earle (George) Goodman
  • Paul Tun
  • Layso Lor
  • Han So
  • Sophal Ear - School Om Radsady | Sophal Ear
  • Sambath Sim
  • Savoueun Koy
  • Houn Nam Ing
  • Perom Uch

Current Contributors: (including those who contribute the news through camnews medium and CIC affiliates)

  • Somphy So - Camnews, & CIC
  • Monibuth Hun - CIC, Camnews, Cambodian Social Network, & Camdisc
  • Han So - Camnews
  • Sophal Ear - Camnews Email Thread & CIC
  • Perom Uch - Camnews Email Thread
  • Rich Garella - Camnews Email Thread
  • Several Hidden Profiles
  • 5 Technical Developers behind the development


With Khmer Unicode built in with Window Vista, Window 7, and most of the popular browsers, IE, Firefox, Safari, and so on, Camnews takes one step further featuring Cambodia News in Khmer online. It is a news blogs. If you think, you can help blog news on


CAMDISC is a free and unmoderated thread for general discussions. CIC believes the discussion is important and can be a useful resource to others for various reasons, including research or and other study. The topics discussed in this thread, however, should be aligned with CIC's purpose. Therefore, some restrictions may apply. CAMDISC can not be used to post materials or ideologies that violate local laws or fundamental principles.

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CAMNEWS is an moderated distribution providing most current news, important information, and special announcements. Subscribers will receive up-to-date news about Cambodia daily through emails. Advertisements or commercial announcements are dealt with promptly.

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About Us

First Launched: 08/15/1995